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Post Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:57 pm   Need Advice on getting a Roommate for my RES

Hello Turtle Lovers,
I am new to this site (infact I just registered), but this Site seems great as it has all the information about RES.
Well, in October 2012, My Cousin Gifted me two RES. They were very small in Size, their Shell was a bit larger than a Bottle Cap. After a little research on identifying their sex I came to a conclusion that One is Male and other one is Female. I named the Male one 'Scoobie', and the Female one 'Doobie'. Unfortunately, Scoobie was diagnosed with Pneumonia and after trying everything I could to save him, he couldn't make it. I lost him in January 2013. After loosing Scoobie, Doobie was left alone and we gave Doobie all the love. But one day a black thing popped out from his Tail and after a lot of Research I came to know that he flashed to me and Doobie is infact a Male Turtle.
Now Doobie has Grown up well and his shell is almost of the size of a hand's Palm. And I think he is lonely being alone in the tank.
So I and my Parents decided upon getting him a Partner. So we gonna get him a Female RES.
Now my Doubt is, whether I should get a grown up Female RES I. e. a Year old RES or should I get a Baby Female RES?
I personally want a Baby Female RES and want to watch it grow and all, but I am scared if My Male RES (Doobie) will harm the new Baby Female RES, as Doobie is almost of the Size of Hand's Palm and the new baby Turtle being as small as a Coin, will Doobie hurt her with his claws even may be while he is trying to play with her or something?
Or Should I get a baby Turtle and keep her in a Separate Tub till she grows up a little?
Please Advice me on this because I don't really want My Turtles to be hurt.

P. S. - Sorry for the Long Brief History of the turtles, just thought it might be Necessary.

Thank you in Advance.
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Post Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:36 pm   Re: Need Advice on getting a Roommate for my RES

Turtles are very aggressive. The only exception is when babies grow up together, but that is not always for sure. If you put a baby in with him, he'll possibly get aggressive towards it and could kill it in one bite.

If you get an adult, there will no doubt be an aggression issue. He'll attack the other turtle to get out of his territory.

I have 2 females who I have to keep seperated because when they see each other, the big ones tries to kill the smaller one.

2 things:
1. There is NO WAY of sexing a turtle until they're about 4" (besides cutting them open)

2. Turtles do not get lonely. They don't live in communities.
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Post Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:05 pm   Re: Need Advice on getting a Roommate for my RES

I have to agree. If it was a female you had I would say you could try it. But males can be real aggressive. I for sure wouldn't put a baby with either.
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Post Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:23 pm   Re: Need Advice on getting a Roommate for my RES

It's a risky gamble. Unless you have a backup plan or like the possibility of having multiple large tanks in the house, I wouldn't try it.
Turtles don't need company, matter of fact I think they are happier having a place to themselves, free of predators and competition for food/space.
Get them some feeder fish to chase around they will be more than happy.
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