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Post Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 4:28 pm   Local Fish Store

So I went to the local fish store with the cat, (it was cloudy, came from vet, she was napping in her carrier, cats :roll: ) to get some female fancy guppies to add to the mix of feeder fish that I'm planning to breed. They're already pregnant so it was a good $4 spent 8) I told her to get me the fat ones :D (pregnant ones), initially she gave me the smallest ones but I said no, give me the fat ones :lol: I go to the local fish store to, you know, help the small businesses, not a fan of the big stores, so when I can I try to get the small stuff at the local businesses. Can't beat the deals tho at the big businesses tho, store had $1 tank sale :shock: , max size 55g, so got the 55 g :D
So I ended up talking to the lady about cichlids and then the turtles and she then tells me she has little ones in the back. She had other customers so she told her employee to help me. We talked (building rapport, he actually gave me a good deal with the cichilds, buy 20 and it would be 3.99 a fish, compared to 7.99....anyone is that a good deal? Just curious, actually thinking about adding some friends to the tank whose probability of being eaten isn't as low as the guppies :? ), they had RES, pastels and southern painted. I say I'm thinking about adding an outdoor pond to have the turtle outside during the summer, I tell him either 100 or 300g stock tank, I ask about how many could live there and I was told a lot would be very happy in there, they can even just stay in there year round... Leave in south Los Angeles, it's pretty cloudy today, and windy, don't think leaving outside year round would be good...but I guess they can 'live' there right? And then tells me, me taking the turtle in and out stresses him out. I was like 'hahaha no'. Then tells me to come to the back to see the little ones, but I say first let me see the cichlids, the lady I was talking to was coming to the fish area. I talked to her and asked about the cichilds deal, to confirm the deal and then again, started talking about the turtles, she then tells me to come to the back and see them. Poor things, in a plastic 5x8 plastic bin with an inch of filthy water with a river rock/stone. RES were 5.99, pastels 14.99 and southern painteds were 21.99, she didn't knw what the southern painteds were...but she knew the price! Hahah. Anyways, the small bin had over 2 dozen easily. I wanted to save the bin...I actually really wanted to 'save' the southern painteds :lol: and I don't mean buying them cuz that would support they're cruel practice....lol. She then left me to get the guy because I wanted to knw what the 'brown/grey ones with color spots' were. She went to get the guy (could've 'saved' them! :wink: but nah! lol). He took them out and telling me what they were. I was leading the way like I was going to buy some (never was :lol: ) and then saw a dead one!! It was just standing there, I told him it's dead and guess he didn't believe me cuz he sloshed the water back and forth, to wake him up I guess? -_- I was like "hmmmm I don't feel comfortable getting any of them". And he said cuz of the dead one and I was like yea!! And they're "refund" is only good for 24 hours -_-
Should I continue to shop at this local fish store? I got my feeder guppies from there, most of them survived, so going to breed the males with the fancy females offspring...when they're ready...but that's another post. lol
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Post Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 12:31 pm   Re: Local Fish Store

I don't know if the Cichlids are a good deal, I think that depends on where you are. As for turtles, sigh, I think only reptile shops are able to properly hold them, though even they can get crowded (especially with hatchlings).
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