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Post Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:52 am   African Dwarf Frog & Red Eared Slider Turtle

Hey everyone I’m somewhat new to turtle life & just wanted to see what you think of my current tank. I had a red eared slider and I wanted to upgrade his tank so we recently bought a 60 gallon tank but it came with 8 fish (3 danios, 3 Glofish, & 2 semi-aggressive striped glofish). We put our 5-6” RES in with the fish and he showed no interest in eating them whatsoever. Most of the fish are about the same size as him so we figured he wouldn’t try to eat them and he hasn’t. He doesn’t even bother the 3 small danios either so I went back to the aquarium and I purchased a couple more fish. I got 2 sucker fish, 2 ghost shrimp, and 2 fish that are black and white spotted (they said they were tropical community non aggressive fish). So we added them all in together and again my RES showed no interest in any of them.

Fast forward a week or so and my son brings home a cute African dwarf frog. All of the research and literature says that my RES WILL EAT this frog but he’s been in there about two weeks and so far so good. My ADF likes to hide frequently and I created some rock structures for him to hide that the turtle literally cannot get to. So my question is do you think my RES will eventually eat him or do you think since he hasn’t shown any interest in doing so he probably won’t. They’ve even swam next to each other with no issues. I understand it is a risk but so far the turtles and fish are very healthy and happy and have been living together for months now. I’ve owned the turtle for about a year now- he was initially in a 20 gallon tank and now he is in a 60 gallon tank. I’ve included a picture of the frog and turtle (Mr. Bubbles).
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Post Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:58 pm   Re: African Dwarf Frog & Red Eared Slider Turtle

I put this in the other post:
steve wrote:Just remember that eventually everything will be food for the turtle. It just takes a moment for the frog to let its guard down and that will be the end of it. If you value the frog, then they should be separated.

The picture didn't show up. Either way, he likely has interest in froggy and will get him. Turtles can also be strategic... going for a limb or the head to cripple it's meal and then take their time.
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