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New to this forum but not turtles. Have 30 plus years of raising RES's indoor and outdoor in Louisiana. Since Hurricane Katrina lost outdoor pond and most everything turtles included. Only able to find and save two adults one male and the other female. (Mickey and Minnie) Starting over new home new wife.... just can't have all that was the past , no room. Bottom line took a lot longer than I planed to re-home both adults. They have good homes now ,large ponds. Still able to see them. After talking it over we decided that I could have one small turtle indoors. Have a Mississippi Map now. Under your forum [ habitat indoor ] I have a short video showing what I did. That is thinking Maps are close to RES's in setup when I done my homework. Asking for ideas if you guy's can. Maps name is Chopsley ! That's for the way he eats , hopefully male. Maybe you can tell my age by the shows I used to name my friends. Mickey Mouse show , Doctor Morgus show by Sid Noel... It's true maps are skittish trying to get pictures , here's some. After a couple times jumping off basking area he settles down and stays up there while we watch TV. Yes he is eating very well also. BUT when he sees the camera he goes... My RES's I could feed by hand and that to will come in time with my Map.

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Official welcome to the forum! I don't think there is much more you need to do. I'd probably use sand for substrate and some cork bark instead the zoo med dock.
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