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Post Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:52 am   Turtle Always Basking and Not Eating

I have a female turtle (about 12 years old). I have her since she's a baby. For all these years she's been very skittish about basking when I would come into the room. But she always had plenty of energy and a good appetite. This last week I've noticed her basking almost the entire day even when I come into the room and approach the tank. She also seems to have lost a bit of her appetite. She's refusing to eat any lettuce or treats like carrots, grapes, and other things I put in the tank. The only thing that gets her interest is Reptomin and similar pellets. Then she'll eat them, go straight back to basking, and stay there leaving any other food uneaten. I also noticed that I'm finding a lot of more poop in the tank when she relieved herself. Maybe she used to eat some of it. But now I'll find a lot in the tank and scoop it out.

I wouldn't be overly concerned, but this is not her typical behavior.

No other signs of sickness that I can see. She's not sneezing, no runny nose , eyes appear clear etc...

Any suggestions?
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