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Post Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:31 am   What is going on with my turtle’s shell?

Hi! I have a RES named Marcel. I've noticed over the last year some strange things have been happening to his shell. I've been checking forums and whatnot but I never seem to find any google images or forums with pictures that seem to really match what he's going through.

So let me give some background info first. Marcel is about five years old. He lives in a 125 gallon tank, filled to about 90ish gallons. He has heated water (78 degrees), Heated basking area, powerful filtration system, UVB light, and fish friends to chase (he ate one and I guess wasn't impressed because he never went after the others). He's very active and has a great appetite. I feed him Zoomed Natural Pellets and some crickets.

SO, to get to the problem. I noticed close to a year ago that Marcel has these little shiny speckles on his shell. The speckles are the size of sesame seeds or smaller. After a quick google search I came to the conclusion he was shedding. He's since shedded but sill has shiny speckles. He also has indents on either side of his shell. It could be pyramiding, and maybe what I believe to be "indents" are really just created by the spine of his shell growing upward. I'm going to attach pictures. I just want someone to tell me his shell is growing too rapidly and I should add more calcium to his diet and that this is not shell rot. I should add that since noticing all of this a year ago, the "indents" have not gotten any worse, but of course also haven't healed. I just can't find any images of turtles that look like Marcel and that's what worries me.
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Post Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:08 pm   Re: What is going on with my turtle’s shell?

Looks like it's just in the process of shedding. His shell could be a bit smoother, but looks good overall. Reevaluate the diet and make sure he basks and gets UVB.
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Post Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:34 am   Re: What is going on with my turtle’s shell?

Your turtle is very handsome ;)
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