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Post Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:33 pm   I'm Moving, how long can my RES stay out of water?

I am moving and have two RES :mrgreen: :msgreen: that I am taking with me. I will be traveling in a car for about 20 hours and plan to drive straight through. How long can my two RES stay out of water for this travel time? Will I need to find a way to get them water? I have traveled 3 hours with them before and in the past I traveled with their tank completely dry and my turtles in separate containers, dry, in the car with me (so they would not get injured in the tank with the dry filters, dock, etc., in the tank with them). I want to make the move with as little stress on them as possible because I know that the containers and car ride itself are stressful enough for them. They are 6 years old and about 8 inches long.
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Post Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:12 pm   Re: I'm Moving, how long can my RES stay out of water?

Depending on the temperatures, they could stay out the whole 20 hours. They will get restless but if they kept in absolute darkness, they should sleep for most of that time. Use something like a cardboard box, lined with old towels or shirts. Check frequently because they will poop/pee in there and will get it on themselves. If you choose to, have a separate container that you can fill with water at rest stops to let them soak, drink and eat.
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