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Post Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:08 pm   Pleco troubles

So I have a common pleco in my 200 gallon tank with my female red eared slider. He was about 4” when we got him and is about 6” now. I give him algae wafers made for bottom feeders. Everything was fine and dandy for a while when they both moved into the tank. But recently my turtle has been attacking the pleco and he is missing a few of his fins and looks pretty raggedy. While I was cleaning their tank today I moved him into the empty 10 gallon I had nearby. I am going to put him in the 20+ gallon we have in our garage later today with a filter. I want to keep him in there until he heals but should I just never introduce him into the 200 gallon again? I don’t want him to be super stressed and attacked again. But the minimum for a common pleco is 150 gallons and that’s big. Idk if my parents would allow another big tank in our basement. Do you think if I added a few more hiding spots he would be able to thrive in the turtle tank or should I just not risk it and get a 150 with some goldfish or something?
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Post Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 7:13 am   Re: Pleco troubles

I would definitely try some more hiding spots, also maybe feed him the wafers when your turtle is asleep.
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