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Proper lighting is essential to your turtle's well being. Both uva and uvb sources are required

UVA - provides heat. You can use a standard household light bulb for this.

UVB - imitates the rays produced by the sun. These bulbs can be purchased at most pet stores and are a bit more expensive. UVB helps your turtle metabolize calcium, which is important for a nice hard shell and overall general health. Lack of a UVB source leads to soft shell and metabolic bone disease.

It is important that both of these light sources be placed above the basking area for your turtle to get maximum exposure. Make sure there is no glass or plastic between your lights and the basking area, as they block the beneficial uvb rays.

Try to imitate the natural light hours as best you can. Keep the basking/uvb lights on from 8 to 10 hours a day (they don't need a nightlight, they see just fine in the dark) and a little more (about 12) in the summer. As long as their water heater is kept on, they'll be fine over night.
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