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The water temperature for your turtle should be kept around 72-75 degrees (78 for a hatchling). This can be achieved with a submersible heater that can be purchased at almost any pet store. The wattage per gallon varies by make and model. Some people swear by the Ebo Jager submersible heater, but I'm getting along just fine with my Tronic.

Water temperature is important for the health of your turtle. Water that is too cool can slow his metabolism and he will stop eating and be less active/ This is what we call the "kill zone" because it is too cool to be active and eat, but too warm to hibernate, and it can kill your turtle. Don't let your water drop below 70 for any length of time. Water that is too warm induces unnaturally fast growth, excessive shedding, and he may not want to bask.

The basking temperature can vary. It has to be at least 10 degrees warmer than the water temp, or your turtle won't be inclined to bask. They need to be able to thermoregulate (regulate their own body temp by moving to cooler/warmer spots in their enclosure). Every turtle is different, but my res prefer a basking temp around 90 degrees and their water is kept at 75.
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