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Post Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 1:02 pm   RES swimming nervously from side to side

We found an almost 8inch long female RES in our front yard. We checked her shell and she seems to have been through a lot so we dug out our old fish tank (approx filled up with 20 gallons as of now ) to put her in the tank. We bought a basking area including a 90W lamp, substrate, plants, and a water conditioner and set everything up. I know that the aquarium size is not adequate and we thought about setting up a pond in the backyard since my mother-in-law wanted to that anyway (yes we all live in one house like Full House lol). When we put her in the tank she immediately stuck her head out and began swimming around but she keeps bumping into the glass as if she wants to escape. The water temperature is only 70 degrees (I just measured it) and the basking area is way too hot (110) so my question is basically since it's a wild turtle, could it be the water temperature or the aquarium size or simply the new environment itself?? Should we call the animal rescue center and let them take care of it or should we build the pond??? Could she survive in that tank for a couple days/weeks until we can transfer her to the pond?

Here is a video of her swimming:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/u66aev8ce4wkt ... 4.MOV?dl=0

Just in case you're wondering about the lamp, I moved it more towards the water to cool down the platform. I'll def. get a light stand I can attach to the aquarium today.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I just checked the basking lamp and it doesn't say UVB or UVA. It's the Repti Tuff 90w lamp. Is it the wrong lamp?? I'm currently on my way to the pet store to look for different options. I still don't understand what kind of light I really need. Many say I need two lamps but some only have one so I don't know...
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Post Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 7:29 am   Re: RES swimming nervously from side to side

Where do you live? Any natural creeks or ponds around any ponds on a golf course around? She could have been just looking for a nesting place. If so best to me return her to the wild , unless you think she's abandoned. Also , if wild , make sure that you live in a region that's natural for a slider to live before you set her free ! A turtle that size will require a large tank (10 gallons water for each inch of shell) or a in ground pond that's safe from (predators , neighbors dogs etc...) Unless you are willing to give what's needed it may be best to call a turtle rescue , zoo , nature center ...even SPCA for help.
It is scared now and its tail is even tucked in but can see one claw and to me look's like a female , 8" is not full grown yet and will get about 12" ! She's been free and now confined in a small tank , will take her time to get use to and feel comfortable with it and you.
Some bulbs produce both UVA and UVB...( yours is a heat only bulb) A lot of long time turtles keepers like separate UVB and UVA (heat) Due to the fact they require different placement to provide top conditions.
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