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Post Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:20 pm   Filter recommendations?

So I went to Petsmart, and was recommended a TopFin Silentstream 20 filter, got home, set it up, the intake wouldn't suction. Returned it, assuming it was a dud, parent not pleased about spending too much money on this stuff. Before I try the TopFin again, as the store seems convinced it would work, are there any other filters that wouldn't blow through a budget?

So far I've been dump-cleaning a DIY Rubbermaid tank I spent a few days making, and as it is quite large it takes time to clean, when cleaning I put my baby snapper in a temporary tank that he absolutely hates, and I can feel my heart break every time I see him swimming around his temp tank in a frenzy, which is proceeded by him glaring at me for the rest of the day.

I've never seen a turtle openly show that they aren't happy with me on a personal level as much as this little guy after a tank cleaning.
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Post Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:07 pm   Re: Filter recommendations?

My opinion on topfin is a no , sorry. From your other post see you have it in a small container and has very little water. That's going to be hard for a cheap filter with very little power to siphon up it. Will you be upgradeing to something else? Being such a small area you may do better making a filter yourself. For right now a sponge filter like people with shrimp tanks may be all you can do and just clean it often until more attention can be given to it's home. Google and click on images to see some shrimp filter's. But this idea is only for what's he in now ! You will need a real filter for a larger home! For what is in use now how about a turkey baster to suck up the waste and uneaten food , I have done that in the past and work well to keep a small area clean until a water change.
Most turtles show there feelings about things. That part of what makes them a great pet , when it's all good feelings !
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