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Post Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:05 pm   New indoor RES pond 450 gal

We are looking to build a new indoor RES pond using a Duracast Round Open Top Aquaculture Tank - 450 Gallon .
We are thinking of filtering with a Aqua- Ultima II 1000 and a bottom drain .Before we start I want to post this to see if anyone sees any problems with this type of set up.
Our Reasons : Round tank with bottom drain easy to keep clean.
Ultima II pond filter has backwash and drain settings, for frequent water changes. I run a Ultima II 4000 on my out door Koi pond,.
Pump has not been decided .
Any feed back would surely be appreciated.
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Post Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:55 pm   Re: New indoor RES pond 450 gal

Been a few decade's since I had pressurized filter. Back then Pondmaster was the way to go , guess mainly could save a couple hundred then. Think filter and pump was about $800-$900 for my first system medium size. Had a great backwash system too for that time period. Today what you have especially that 4000 to me is top of the line ! Over priced but if I were to do it today what I would buy. To me it's all about the "pump" , I use to get one level up but that was just me. Depending on type/style pump you look at is were the price will be $$$$. On a good path , good planning.
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