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Post Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:09 pm   Adapting to new tank

We have just upgraded our turtles tank to a 75 gal from a 30 gallon. I am worried about him adapting. He has never had a floating basking spot before and its much more swimming room that he is used to. In fact, he has had much swim space at all over the last couple years. I am really worried about him figuring this all out. I have been doing the best i can with him for the last few years, as my daughter picked him up at the flea market when he was a tiny bub. How worried should i be? Should i lower his water level? Its just above half full right now. Please any advice would be helpful.
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Post Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:25 pm   Re: Adapting to new tank

Your turtle should be fine. Make sure the floating basking spot is not hard for your turtle to climb onto. He/she will appreciate all of that extra swimming room :)
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Post Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:41 pm   Re: Adapting to new tank

Being he is a few years old he will adjust faster than if was under 1 year old. Babies don’t really like change , he will be ok. May take a few days to use dock , some longer. He must feel comfortable and safe to us it ! Must have some kind of ramp if homemade , most store type will have a ramp. Turtle are great climbers too so observe well if he may need dock adjusted any to get on . Dock also must have the correct heat bulb to entice him to get under the UVB bulb. Also making the dock as friendly as a “turtle” wants helps speed things up. See pictures on this forum may help. At his age his built in instinct will kick in to swim. A 75 half full is only 9” that’s ok , as he grows add more water. If for sure a male the 75 gallon could be a final adult tank. That is when full with an above tank basking area. Sliders love to swim as much as bask. Other than just the dock he may be afraid of now offer some floating plastic plants or something he can just rest on will help him adjust. With more room now he can entertain you more showing you all his turtle ways. Observe well and give him what he tells you by his actions and he will love you even more.
Any pictures of the setup ?
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