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Post Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 8:16 pm   SUNSUN HW CANISTER FILTERS REVIEW

Hello Everyone,

I would like to hear reviews about the SUNSUN HW Canister Filters.

I have a coming SUNSUN HW 403B Canister Filter and I would like to hear thoughts about it. Thank you.
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Post Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 11:35 pm   Re: SUNSUN HW CANISTER FILTERS REVIEW

Hello and welcome :
Most all filters are rated for fish gallons (this for 100 fish gallons) not turtle gallons ! SunSun says 370 gph , you must understand that most all rate there filters without media. Also any finer pads if used will slow flow down even more ! SunSun do have some decent products , if you plan to use this filter for 30 gallons water or less for a turtle it could do an ok job but sure you will have higher maintenance with it. Small amount of media but does offer mechanical ,biological and chemical filtration. It's 50/50 what I hear about this filter. Be careful intake and discharge piping is very flimsy and difficult to get syphon to work ... yes give's a 9watt sterilizer one of the smallest. Will work some for bacteria and algae but not parasites. That wattage with that flow is a mismatch , For a 9watt needs to have a slower flow to work better to kill algae , around 120gph. ... icleid=435
Bottom-line as a beginner it's a fair filter you could do much worst. Again will only handle 30 or less turtle gallons ! Turtles are very messy !
These are my thought's about it.
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Post Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 9:40 pm   Re: SUNSUN HW CANISTER FILTERS REVIEW

Litefoot summed SunSun up well. For the price they're surprisingly well made filters but tend to have weak impellers. If you go the sunsun route, get the biggest one with the highest GPH rating in your budget.
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